TCPOWERTEC, the main brand of Wuxi Taichang Electronic Co., Ltd., includes four business sub-brands, which are differentiated for different regional markets and user groups around the world, so that the personnel, technology and service concepts among the brands could share and support each other. The ability of develop freely in their own independent fields provides continuous driving force for the overall development of Taichang Electronic.

PV Module Manufacturing

TCSOLARTEC takes PV module manufacturing as the core, and the main production and sales includes standard PV off-grid modules, customized PV modules, etc.

PV System Integration

TCENERGYTEC focuses on PV system integration services, mainly including the provision of PV system application solu-tions and the construction and mainte-nance of various PV power stations.

High-end PV Products

Zetidas is marketed in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and the products are mainly PV applications such as RVs, marines, and outdoor sports.

Garden Decoration & lighting

BestyleLife focuses on garden and outdoor decorative lighting, including solar garden lights, holiday string lights, sensor lights and other garden decoration products